Historical Background of Kirwara High School

Kirwara High School started way back in 1958 as a Youth Centre for training young me in various skills e.g. Shoe-making/Repair, masonry etc by community and Mr. Ndung’u Kagori who was then the Gatanga Chief.

In 1964 the Youth Centre was raised to a Harambee Secondary School due to high demand for secondary education.  It was named “Gatanga Harambee Secondary School” development.

The performance was good.  One student achieved a Division One of 8 points, a record that was never broken up to the time 8.4.4. System was introduced.

In 1970 the school became a Public Secondary School, assisted by the Government.  Two teachers were employed by the teachers Service Commission posted the same year.

In 1975 the school was under the management of the Board of Governors which replaced the school committee.

In 1979 the school name was changed from GATANGA SECONDARY SCHOOL to KIRWARA SECONDARY SCHOOL.  Since then the school tremendously grown physically and academically.

In 1980, the B.O.G realized that the school population was increasing, and this necessitated the putting up of another dormitory. 

In 1986, the pure Science laboratory was constructed as a joint cooperation between the Kenya Government and British council.  In 1989 the school registered 113 students for the newly introduced KCSE Examination and managed to send 6 students to public universities.

In 1991 university intake, the school managed to take eight (8) students to public universities while in 1992 it took eleven (11) students. 




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