The science department undertakes the responsibility to teach and train skills in Biology, Physics and Chemistry in the pure sciences curriculum.  Two of the sciences must be examined in K.C.S.E.  We offer chemistry as a compulsory subject in the projection that it will place a student on a high level in the career/science world. 

The members of the department operate under the motto: “SCIENCE FOR LIFE” Our Vision is “To nurture scientifically oriented citizens who can meet the global technological needs”.  The main challenge in our mission has been to create a positive attitude and enhance self-drive in our students.  However the team work spirit, the dedication and zeal to achieve our objectives have seen us gradually change the vices towards more focused and determined students.

The department has an adequate Curriculum Based Establishment (CBE) though the Board of governor (B.O.G) has come in to supplement in case of need.  The staffing consists of both teaching and technical staff.  Facilities and resources match the population and needs of our students.  There are four science laboratories which are well equipped and a departmental office.

Teaching of practical skills is enhanced by integration with ICT (Information communication Technology).  This has been a spectacle in attitude change and appreciation for sciences.

A science support club has also enhanced the teaching and learning of science through their activities.  These include preparation for science congress exhibitions/ projects, organizing science contest and symposia, organize field trips and excursions and carry out interclass discussions in the subjects.

The department regularly invite motivational speakers and examiners for the two purposes implied. All these activities add ingredients to the teaching and learning of sciences.

Members of the department are very well aware of the uphill task ahead of them of transforming both the attitude and the performance in the subjects.  Yet more than ever are more than determined to see that it happens exactly so.  There is some light at the end of the tunnel for this department.  We also pray for God’s blessing as we endeavour to succeed.







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