The department has nine members.  Four teaching Kiswahili and five teaching English.

These are;

  1. Mrs. Mwaniki
  2. Mrs. Odong
  3. Mrs. Wanyiri
  4. Ms. Ndithia
  5. Mr. Mutuma
  6. Mrs.Mugai
  7. Mr. Waiganjo
  8. Mr. Gachanja
  9. Ms. Kamande

 As it is known, students who have got a superb mastery of the two languages reap many academic, social and professional benefits.  The teachers of the Languages therefore have endeavoured to expose the students to the four skills: listening, speaking, writing and reading.

The department is coordinated by Mr. Waiganjo.  He makes sure that the members of the department plan the teaching methods as stipulated in the syllabus as one voice.  They make sure that the teaching of English and Kiswahili emphasises on the acquisition of communicative competence and not simply on the passing of examinations.

There is the general and specific objective of teaching English and Kiswahili.  Some of the general objectives are;

  • Listen attentively for comprehension and respond appropriately
  • Use listening skills to infer andinterpret meaning correctly from spoken discourse.
  • Listen and process information from a variety of sources.
  • Speak accurately, fluently, confidentialy and appropriately in a variety of contexts.
  • Read fluently and efficiently
  • Read and analyze literary works from Kenya, East Africa, Africa and the rest of the world and relate to the experiences in these works
  • Appreciate the universal human values contained in literary works
  • Make an effecient use of a range of sources of information including libraries, dictionaries, encyclopedia and the internet.

The department is focused on achieving a higher grade than that of the school. Like last year (2011), the languages mean was one digit above that of the school.  We therefore have a slogan that states:  Backward never, forward ever” Thank you.









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